Sony INZONE H5 Wired and Wireless Gaming Headset


  • Sony INZONE H5 Wired and Wireless Gaming Headset
    • Let sound give you the edge, with 360 Spatial Sound.
    • Game for hours in comfort with lightweight and low-pressure fit.
    • Bidirectional boom microphone and AI Noise Reduction.
    • Up to 28 hours of continuous wireless gameplay
    • 40mm drivers for detailed sound, and immersive gaming.
    • Game freely with low delay wireless or wired listening
    • Designed in collaboration with professional gamers to help you get the edge over your rivals.
    • INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalize your INZONE H5 experience
    • Sound field tailored to you
    • For PC and Perfect for PlayStation® 5
  • Color: White, Black


Refined for Victory, Advised by Fnatic

Gaming excellence by Fnatic Pro-Player met INZONE development. INZONE H5 is here through the collaboration.

Approved by the best, for you

Designed in collaboration with professional gamers to help you get the edge over your rivals.

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

In games that are won and lost in seconds, whoever reacts first often wins. 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming pinpoints opponent’s footsteps, giving you unmatched situational awareness.

Sound field tailored to you

Sound is experienced differently depending on unique ear canal shape. Use the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer smartphone app and get sound mapped to your ear shape and modified for the INZONE H5’s audio output, for an even more detailed experience.

Experience 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

Want to try our spatial sound on your favorite devices? Put your headphones on and immerse yourself.

Richer highs, more powerful lows

40 mm drivers ensure that every gaming sound is authentically reproduced. It delivers genuine high to low frequencies, enhanced by housing ducts for richer bass. Experience gaming immersion like never before.

Comfortable and lightweight

With its sleek nylon earpads, gentle side pressure, and plush headband cushion, the INZONE H5, weighing approximately 260g, promises unparalleled comfort for those extended listening sessions.

Soft-fit earpad. Low side-pressure. Comfortable headband.

With a broad headband for even weight distribution and breathable nylon earpads tailored for fit, these headphones provide lasting comfort.

Light mode or dark mode

Bright white or sleek black choose the color that suits your style or complements your set-up.

Make sure your voice is heard

The high-quality, bidirectional boom microphone is designed to rest close to your mouth so that your voice is always heard clearly. Designed to isolate your voice and filter out ambient noises, so your teammates can hear your callouts loud and clear.

Clear communication powered by AI

The INZONE H5’s microphone doesn’t just rely on design to help you deliver crisp, clear communication. It also leverages machine learning built from an AI DNN (Deep Neural Network). Our noise reduction algorithm was developed with AI machine learning using more than 500 million voice samples to suppress ambient noise and extract your voice clearly in a wide range of environments.

Flip up to mute

To mute your microphone, simply flip the boom mic up.

Lower latency with 2.4 GHz wireless connection

The INZONE H5 connects via a 2.4 GHz wireless USB dongle, powered by a low-delay algorithm. Experience wire-free low latency, with reduced delay between the sound produced in-game and the output you hear, giving you better situational awareness, so you can react to and then dominate any situation.

Up to 28 hours of play

With up to 28 hours of continuous play time, you can rely on the INZONE H5 to last as long as you need. And with 3 hours of play time from just 10 minutes of charge, you can be up and running as soon as you get back from a break.

Find the balance between game and chat

Change the volume balance between game sounds and voice chat from your INZONE H5.

Wireless or wired, it’s your choice

The INZONE H5 headset offers 3.5 mm audio cable support, so you can connect to your device however you like.

Have it your way

Our INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalize your INZONE H5 experience by customizing a wide range of operations, including a variety of sound and hardware settings. Fine tune sound frequencies to your game, for more clarity and immersion, using the EQ function.



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