Original Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Case


  • Original Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Case
    • Green, Navy, Cream
  • Flaunt your style and confidently handle your phone with a grip-friendly material that stays in your hand. This sleek Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Case* helps protect your phone from drops and stands out with a variety of vibrant colors to choose from.


Choose a shade. Make a statement.
Whether you want to match the color of your phone or create an interesting contrast, there’s a shade for that. Choose from a variety of expressive tones to accentuate your style.

A smooth grip with a sleek look
The smooth exterior of the Silicone Case not only provides a comfortable grip, but also adds style that complements your everyday look.

Sleek design. Perfect fit.
The Galaxy S23 Ultra Silicone Case fits super close to your phone. It keeps the shape sleek and streamlined while helping to prevent damage.



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