Sony SRS-XV800 X-series Wireless Party Speaker


  • Sony SRS-XV800 X-series Wireless Party Speaker
    • Power your party with Omni-directional Party Sound
    • Illuminate the night with colorful ambient lighting
    • Up to 25 hours of playing time, plus quick charging
    • Sound made to move, with a built-in handle and wheels
    • Play it poolside—the XV800 is IPX4 splash-resistant
    • Access modes, settings, and lighting easily on the top touch panel
    • Get power, clarity, and distortion-free sound from the X-Balanced speakers
    • Enjoy a brilliant audio/visual experience with TV Sound Booster
    • Personalize your sound with the compatible Sony Music Center app
    • Get your karaoke on—the XV800 has microphone and guitar inputs
    • Make it a party, with the Fiestable app
    • Plug, play, and charge your device easily with USB connectivity
  • Color: Black


Powerful, wireless party speaker

Whether you want to host an epic party or enjoy your favorite movie or TV show, this speaker will give you the experience you need. The XV800 provides a powerful, room-filling sound, whatever you’re listening to and wherever you’re listening from. So, don’t compromise, play music loud and clear or enrich your movies and TV with the XV800.

Life Should be Lived at Full Volume

Get your friends together, turn up the music to full volume and dance all night to clear, rich sound. With our new X-series range of speakers, you can make the most of every single moment, power parties you’ll remember forever, and always live your life out loud.

The party goes where you go with our powerful wireless speaker.

Make it epic. The XV800 wireless party speaker has amazing omni-directional sound1, ambient lights,2 an IPX4 rating9 for water resistance, up to 25 hours of battery life3, and an X-Balanced speaker that delivers distortion-free lows. It’s a powerful all-in-one package.

Enhance your TV experience

Whatever you’re watching, you want the very best sound. Thanks to deep bass and room filling sound provided by the TV Sound Booster you’ll get a sound so real you’ll feel like you’ve entered the world on the screen.

Sing karaoke or play guitar inside or out

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the XV800 will be with you all the way. Wherever you are, you can fire up the karaoke or guitar.

Stay in complete control, even in the dark

The XV800 comes complete with a convenient and intuitive touch panel that makes it easier to control your settings. Even better, it lights up so you can stay in control when it gets dark.

Fill your room with Omni-directional Party Sound

Omni-directional Party Sound carries powerful sound to every corner of the room. Five tweeters1 deliver clear sound to both the front and rear of the speaker. Plus, it’s all backed up with punchy bass you can feel, thanks to dual X-Balanced Speaker Units. This rich sound experience can be enjoyed wherever you like with the XV800’s longer battery life3, and built-in handle and wheels.

Powerful sound with X-Balanced Speaker Unit

Our X-Balanced Speaker Unit features an almost rectangular diaphragm, for an increased surface area compared to conventional speaker units. The 6.7-inch x 6.7-inch woofer unit gives clear and deep bass sound.

A richer, clearer, deeper experience

The non-circular diaphragm not only maximizes the area of speaker diaphragm, but it also increases sound pressure for deeper and punchier bass less distortion, and greater vocal clarity. For a richer, clearer, and more rewarding listening experience.

High quality sound from every angle

The design of the X-Balanced Speaker Unit produces deep, powerful bass and vocal clarity, even when you turn up the volume. Five tweeter units1 in the front and rear deliver clear high-frequency sound all around.

The party never stops

With up to 25 hour battery life, the XV800 will keep the party powered all night.

Get the party started in just 10 minutes

With the XV800’s quick charging, you can get up to 3 hours of playing time with just 10 minutes of charging.

Big sound on the move

Whenever you want to move the XV800, take hold of the convenient carry handle and tilt it back. Built-in wheels let you roll all the way to the party.

Light up with ambient illumination

Indirect illumination produces ambient light, so you can light up your room in a way that matches your unique style.

Boosting up live performance

Sony’s unique function, TV Sound Booster, lets you enjoy the enhanced sound of audio-visual contents, such as live performance videos and movies, when placing the unit vertically. Owing to the deep bass and realistic high-frequency sound spread, you can get a true audio-visual experience that draws you right into everything you’re watching.

The XV800 ramps up your TV sound with its 17 cm (6 3/4 in) X-Balanced Speaker Unit, while tweeters on the rear fill the room.

How the TV Sound Booster works

A powerful combination of TV sound and the XV800’s two rear tweeters and dual X-Balanced Speaker Units will provide you with an upgraded TV sound, whatever you watch.

A portable, plug-in party-starter

Love karaoke? Then you and the XV800 will make the perfect companion. This portable party speaker has a karaoke input, meaning you just plug in your microphone, pick a song, and you’ll immediately enjoy features including Echo and Key Control on the rear panel of the unit. With two inputs, you can even plug in a guitar and use the speaker as an amp.

Inputs and settings in one place

It’s even easier to enjoy karaoke now that the inputs and controls, including Echo and Key Control, are located together on the rear panel.

Stay in control of your settings

Take control of your modes, settings, and lighting with the easy-to-use touch panel. It’s intuitive and conveniently illuminated, so you can command the party even in a dark environment.

Don’t stop your party

If the forecast isn’t looking good, you don’t have to worry. The XV800 has an IPX4 water resistant rating when upright and an IPX2 rating horizontally, so you can play outside with confidence, even if a few raindrops fall.

Up or down? The choice is yours

The XV800 provides a powerful sound whether it’s positioned vertically or horizontally2. A sensor will read the layout and adjust the settings automatically, so you’ll get the best sound, without any fuss.

Bluetooth® Fast Pair

Discoverable for your Android™ devices as soon as you turn it on.

Party Connect

Connect with up to 100 compatible speakers and sync your music and lights to make sure everyone’s dancing to the same beat.

USB Play, and charge devices

Plug in and play music with USB connectivity, and you can use the XV800 to charge up your other devices.

Sony | Music Center

Optimize audio settings, select playlists, and control Party Connect. Manage your devices right from your phone with the Sony | Music Center app.

Fun features with Fiestable

Control fun features, such as DJ Control and the lighting function, from your phone with this app.



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