ROG AeroActive Cooler X


  • ROG AeroActive Cooler X
    • Compatibility: ROG Phone 8, ROG Phone 8 Pro
  • Call Now : 010-535-666


Thermal – Super-cool cooling

In a compact form factor, the AeroActive Cooler X packs a punch with its 2.6x larger thermoelectric cooling chip and a 1.1x boost in fan speed, delivering a whopping 1.3x improvement in thermal efficiency. With the device attached, the back cover surface temperature can drop by an unbelievable 36°C!

Thanks to the cutting-edge AI thermoelectric cooling system, it automatically detects your phone’s temperature and optimizes the cooling mode, banishing lag and overheating. Plus, it’s your battery’s guardian angel, extending its lifespan.
The AeroActive Cooler X connects to the ROG Phone 8 Series’ batteries via side USB-C charging, eliminating the hassle of extra wires and keeping you in the game without any interruptions!

Control – Console-like control

Experience the familiar comfort of a game console controller with the ergonomic dual buttons on the AeroActive Cooler X. Whether you’re pressing, clicking, or toggling, feel confident as you unleash your multitude of control skills and revel in enhanced haptic feedback, far beyond just tapping the display screen. And don’t worry, these dual buttons are built to last with an impressive lifespan of up to 200,000 clicks!

Dimension: 82.19 * 96.76 * 41.17 mm

Weight: 117.01g

I/O port:

  • Male: Type C connector which support PD, USB2.0
  • Female: Type C connector (only support PD charging)

Audio Jack: Headset 3.5mm plug

Compatibility: ROG Phone 8, ROG Phone 8 Pro



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